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Why Surgery?  Well of course there are sutures for surgeons and patients.  Sutures are strings too!  Believe it or not, sutures make a sound when at work.  Amazing what strings can do.  "Think Strings" was a yellow bumper sticker that my violin teacher, Mary Canberg had on her car.  She was a great inspiration to me.  I could never pay her pack for what she has done for me.  She has numerous students, I'm sure they all feel the same way.  Please feel free to write me email to celebrate the accomplishments of Mary Canberg, Violin teacher to us all.

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Modesto Plastic Surgery - Yup, in Modesto, CA - who lives there?

Valley Laser Spa Center - Also in Modesto, CA - what a concept!


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Breast Augmentation FAQ - when can you start running after breast augmentation surgery?  How much does breast augmentation cost - okay, maybe no straight answers on that one.  See for yourself.


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Violin Forum by Anya

Modesto, CA Notes on Garbage.

2 times per year, bulky garbage pickup FREE, call 209-577-5200 to schedule the appointment for curbside pickup of garbage. for details.

Why did I write this here?  Because it's my newest website and I needed a place to write this for myself.  I have stuff to dump - keep the house neat.  I just saw it in the January 2007 newsletter called City Beat.

Now for the April 2007 version of City Beat, it says that you can put out trimmings for collections Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before the first Monday of each month for street pickup.  Pickup begins the 1st Monday of each month, but it takes 2 weeks to complete the street collections.

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